Is it scary or claustrophobic?
Neither! Not at all.

Can I exit the room during the game?                                                                        Yep! There is an emergency key on the entry door. You can exit
at any time; however, the game clock will not stop.

How much does it cost to play?                                                                                 Our rooms are $25.00 per person. Click here to book now!

Do you accept same-day bookings or walk-ins?                                                 Yes and yes! You can make a same-day booking online up to 1.5 hours before a game starts. You are welcome to call us at 225.407.0019 to see our remaining availability for the day.
We always welcome walk-ins whenever slots are available!

How many people do I need to play?                                                                     The WW3 Room & Baker Street 5 rooms are designed for groups of 2-8 players.
The Casino Heist Room allows for groups of 2-6.

Can I book a room so my group isn’t in a room with strangers?                       Of course! Purchase the maximum number of spots for that room so other parties will not be with your group.  If you book fewer than the maximum number of spots, the open spots will remain available for others to join you.

Is there an age limit?                                                                                                   While we allow teens and children to participate, if you have two or more that are 13 years old or younger, you must purchase all spots in the room and they must be accompanied by a guardian.

Where do we put our belongings during the game?                                     There is a coat rack in each room for jackets, purses, etc. You may keep your phone on you (on silent!), but we do not allow it to be out during the game.

What if we are stuck during a game and run out of ideas?                       Don’t worry! Our motto at Eye Spy Escape Rooms is “Fun Comes First!” Each room has a clue system in place to provide hints if you need them.  Each hint is “free” and does not count against your time. Our staff will be watching as you progress through the room and will be there to help!

Can we take photos or videos in the game room?                                                To help protect the integrity of the game for future groups, photos and videos are not allowed inside the room.  However, we encourage you to take pictures in our lobby and/or photo booth room and share your experience!

How long is the game?                                                                                                   Our escape games are designed for 60 minutes with a few minutes of briefing beforehand and debriefing after.  Please arrive 15 minutes early. The briefing will begin promptly at the scheduled start time, so don’t be late!

I’m running late! Will the game start without me?                                           We can hold a start time for up to 5 minutes.  Unfortunately, after the 5 minute mark, we will have to start with or without you or cancel the reservation.  

Help! Something came up and I can no longer make it. What can I do?
We cannot do refunds, but we can give you a voucher to come on a different day or at a different time.

Can my team play during the week for our team building event?Absolutely!  Head over to our Team Building page for more details, or you can e-mail us at info@eyespyescaperooms.com.

Do you sell gift certificates?
We do indeed sell the perfect gift! Head over to the Book Now page and press the “Purchase a Gift Certificate” button.

 I have a question not listed here!                                                                              We have the answer! E-mail us at info@eyespyescaperooms.com.