At  Eye Spy Escape Rooms, you become a part of the story. Our interactive escape rooms are designed for small groups of 2 to 8 players. You and your teammates will have 60 minutes to achieve your mission. To succeed, you will need to work as a team. Communication is key!                                                                           

One rogue CIA agent’s descent into madness puts the world on the brink. The clock is ticking… Can you stop her evil plan of destroying the world, or will she get away with starting WW3? (2-8 players)


4Have you ever wanted to rob a casino? Here’s your chance! Test your skills against the security of the Eye Spy Casino. Can you solve their puzzles, seize the cash, and make your escape? (2-6 players) Unique feature: Live actor interaction

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The Baker Street 5:  A Sherlock Mystery

Enter into the famous 221B Baker Street, the apartment of Sherlock Holmes.  It is here you will find information concerning The Baker Street 5.  This gang has tormented the residents of Baker Street far too long.  Sherlock has put himself into harms way going after a murderer within the group.  Your task is to find them both before it is too late. (2-8 players)

Santa’s Workshop

Santa’s elves have found 5 letters from good boys & girls, but haven’t packed their presents onto his sleigh!  Santa’ leaves in 30 minutes.  The elves need your help to find the presents & get them onto the sleigh before he leaves.  You will be off of the naughty list for life!